The Best Plaited Hairstyles

The Best Plaited Hairstyles at SJ Forbes Hair Salons in Surrey & Berkshire

Braids and plaits are all the rage right now, with Dutch braids, fishtail plaits and waterfall braids being the most popular. That’s why our hairdressing experts at SJ Forbes Hair Salons in Egham and Windsor can’t wait to get their hands on your hair and weave their wonderful creations. Here we can show you a step-by-step guide on how to create your own braided hairstyles… or book in for a professional plaited hairstyle at SJ Forbes Hair Salon instead!

The Dutch Braid

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Dutch braids look beautiful and are easy to do yourself. First, brush your hair until it’s completely smooth and then part it into three clean, even sections. Then, add a spritz of hairspray or styling product to keep those pesky stray hairs at bay.

Start by crossing the right section underneath the middle section of hair, then cross the left section under the new middle section. Repeat this process by taking thin sections of hair from left to right. Make sure you cross the hair under not over to create the perfect Dutch Braid.

We keep up to date with all the latest hairstyling fashion, trends and techniques here at SJ Forbes Hair Salons. So, why not come into the salon and find out what look is best for you? Our skilled hair stylists know what will suit your hair type and can give you top tips on how to achieve the look you want!

The Braided Headband Hairstyle

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Always searching for a cool headband to complete your look? Well, look no further because the headband you’ve been looking for is already on your head! Use your own hair as a funky headband and wow your friends with this amazing plait.

First, start with freshly washed hair (although, damp or dry works fine too!), then section a large piece of hair from the crown of your head to behind your ears. Then, separate your hair into three equal strands and start to cross the left section over the middle section, and then the right section over the new middle section. Carry on doing this braiding technique until you run out of hair. Finally, secure your plait with a hair tie and pin the end of the plaited ponytail behind your ear with a bobby pin.

Want your braid to appear thicker and flatter? Use the ‘pancake technique’ – simply pull gently at the sections of the plait to loosen it and make it lie flatter, just like a pancake!

Fishtail Plaits

halo braids, plaited hairstyles, top hair salon in egham, surrey

Fishtail plaits are great because they are versatile – they can be worn sleek and smooth or in a tousled and chunky bo-ho look. If this is your first time trying a fishtail braid, then try with a side ponytail to start so that you can get the hang of it.

First, split the hair into two smooth, equal parts before creating a much smaller third section from the outside of the ponytail. Then, pull the small section across the top of the larger section from left to right and repeat this process from right to left.

Repeat these steps until you run out of hair. Finally, secure the braid with a hair tie and spray with a finishing product for extra hold. Don’t worry if your plait looks messy or tousled this creates a cool relaxed plaited look.

Top Tips to Keep Your Plaits & Braids Looking Fab

Plaits and braids have a habit of becoming loose throughout the day which can create a charming look. However, if you prefer for your hairstyle to stay put, then follow these top tips to keep your braids in tip-top shape!

·         Add some styling product (such as hairspray or dry shampoo) to your hair to make it easier to grip.

·        Smaller sections of hair means a tighter plait. So, if you want a chunky plait, use thicker sections.

·         Plait your hair tightly in the morning and then unravel later on in the day for beautiful beach babe waves.

·         Add hair accessories.  Make sure to ask your stylist for tips and recommended products to get your hair in the best shape possible for the look that you want.  

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