The Natural Hair Colour Trend

The Trend for Natural-Looking Hair Colour at S J Forbes Hair Salons in Egham & Windsor

If you are considering colouring your hair, but want a hair colour that is beautiful yet subtle, you will love the new trend for natural-looking hair colours! Few of us are blessed with beautiful natural hair colour, so the new trend for balayage, natural ombré and bronde hair colour might just be what you need to pep up your hair!

Please note : If you are new to hair colour or have not had your hair coloured at S J Forbes Hair Salons in the past six months or more, it is essential you book in for a quick skin test 48 hours prior to your colour appointment.

Beautiful Bronde Hair Colour

If you mix brunette and blonde hair colours together, you’ll get the hottest hair colour trend around, Bronde!

This shade merges brunette hair colour with golden shades of blonde. The warm blonde hair colours can be added as highlights or using the balayage technique.

Balayage is where your S J Forbes colourist hand paints the hair colour on in sweeping strokes to accentuate your hairstyle and features – basically we add the golden colour where it is going to look most stunning when the sun picks it out!

Golden Lowlights – Autumnal Blonde Hair Colour

What do we mean by autumnal blonde hair colour? This is when we lean towards adding buttery blonde hair colours, honey hues, golden strands and caramel blonde colours to your lighter blonde hair.

If you want hair that looks naturally sun-kissed, with a subtle golden glow, then ask your S J Forbes colourist to weave some warm blonde lowlights through your hair.


Natural Ombré Hair Colour

Ombré continues to be big news this autumn!

The ombré technique is when we add colour to your hair in a way that makes it lighter from the mid-lengths to the ends… this looks beautiful when you choose a mixture of dark and light blonde shades.

Ombré is a relatively low maintenance hair colour which makes it ideal if you are new to colouring your hair. You can leave longer between visits to our Egham hair salon as the root growth is not so noticeable. We would recommend that you visit every eight weeks for a toner to refresh your gorgeous blonde ends, and prevent them from looking brassy or yellow.

Bronzed Brunette Hair Colours

It’s not just blondes or redheads who have a range of natural hair colour shades to play with! Give your brunette locks a beautifully bronzed effect by adding some asking for red or copper highlights. Highlights can be as fine or as chunky as you wish, depending on the bronzed look that you want.

For those who want a subtle bronzed look, then ask for fine highlights to be woven through your brunette hair. If you want your highlights to look more intense, then ask for thicker weaves of red and copper tones throughout the lengths of your hair.

Speak with your S J Forbes hair specialist about how we can achieve your desired look.

Book Your Hair Colour Consultation at S J Forbes Hair Salons in Egham & Windsor

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