Gratefully Stepping into 2021 with SJ Forbes Windsor & Egham Hair Salons

Gratefully Stepping into 2021 with SJ Forbes Windsor & Egham Hair Salons

Firstly, wishing everyone a very Happy 2021! Seeing as we’ve started a new year, we thought it's time to finally address all those burning questions we’ve had from many of our clients last year. Many people have been asking about who we are, where we are from and want to know more about our history. As one of the most challenging years has passed by, we are going to delve into the history of our family-run salons that lie in the heart of the community of Egham and Windsor.

Headed by the husband and wife team, Hayley Gibson-Forbes & Sean J Mcelhill, it’s fair to say that at SJ Forbes the family feel and community are at the heart of what we do. Providing our clients with the highest quality of service, developing trust, and being a part of our client's hair journey, is at the core of who we are and what we do.

SJ Forbes Egham & Windsor Hair Salon - Hayley & Sean

Both, Sean and Hayley have built their respective careers from the ground up with years of salon experience under their belts. Hayley trained as a stylist and worked her way up the ladder, eventually opening franchises where she often won in-house awards and became a 3-time finalist with the British Hairdressing Awards. Sean, on the other hand, left school and trained to be a plumber; in a twist of fate his summer job at his local hairdresser became a 12-year training ground where his goal became to open his very own salon. Little did he know that his dream would soon be brought to life after meeting Hayley. 

In 2015 SJ Forbes was born. Since its opening, we have been finalised for British Hair Business Awards ‘Newcomer of The Year’ as well as ‘Salon of The Year’ twice, and have won the Salon Business Awards for ‘Salon Team of The Year’. Our passion for hair care and providing our customers with great service is unmatched. Over the years at SJForbes, we have built a strong team of individuals who each thrive in their own respect. 

Our Egham salon is home to Luke, who is undefeated when it comes to creative colours and Oana, who is the queen of sun-kissed balayage! We also have Dee, the sharpish bob cutter in the South, Alice, the pocket rocket of our salon, Alex, whose regulars are like true family, Daisy, the multitasking Wonder Woman who can answer all calls, process numerous bills and sweep rapidly all at the same time without breaking a sweat, and Lekiesha, who joined us as a keen assistant and now working her way up on the shop floor. To complete our talented team we have Lauren & Sophie who are our smiling and vibrant assistants and the future of the Egham salon.


SJ Forbes Egham Team


In Windsor, you’ll find Holly, who specialises in short hair, Kerry, where your colour change will be in the safest of hands and also our firecracker who loves a challenge, Jo, who has been with us since we first opened as a partner and assists in keeping the flag flying in our Windsor castle as a Manager, Kiri, who has been so busy creating exceptional looks and has worked tremendously hard to gain a loyal clientele, Stef, whose regulars won’t see anyone else but her, and Lucia, Steph & Ant who are our fantastic front of house crew who are literally the control panel of the salon! To top it all off, we have Sandra - our newest stylist but one of the hardest working creatives you’ll ever meet and our little wonders Aimee, Miriam and Ella, who are truly on their way to making magic happen!


SJ Forbes Windsor Team


Each member of the SJ Forbes team plays a vital role in maintaining the family feel that sets us apart. Our core values as a team are to always keep up with current trends as well as mastering the classics, and every single member loves to colour and get their creative hats on for all our clients. We invest in training to ensure that no matter which member of the team our clients may be with, they’ll always be safe and satisfied. We strive to have the best blondes in Berkshire & Surrey and can proudly say that our clients feel the same way. 


Although 2020 may not have panned out the way many of us may have hoped, we look forward to all that 2021 will bring. We hope to be opening our doors to provide our clients and community with services that they love and we hope that this year we’ll be able to get your hair looking luscious and in good health as you make up for all the occasions that were missed in 2020! Stay tuned for updates on when we re-open here, and don't forget to book an appointment ahead of time.

Sj Forbes Hair Salon - Egham & Windsor


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