Valentine's Day Lockdown Looks!

Valentine's Day Lockdown Looks!
The hottest day of the year is here once again and usually our salons would be flooded with clients eagerly awaiting that up-do or carefully crafted evening look! We wanted to share with you our favourite romantic styles which you can easily create from home for this love filled weekend. Feel salon fresh and special with these looks we have selected, and don’t forget to get your SJForbes products to cement that look!
Volumised High-Ponytail: How to create a fuller thicker ponytail 
  1. Prep your hair with KMS add volume thickening spray: 
  2. Divide and section the hair into 2 pony-tails one on top of the other. (This will create thickness and length)
  3. Gently back- comb the top of the two ponytails to hide the bottle band and give the illusion of one pony-tail.
  4. Complete by using KMS frizz oil: 
 Sleek back bubble pony-tail: How to create this effortless style sensation
  1. First start by prepping the hair with 
  2. Create a low pony-tail 
  3. Leave around 2 cm in between each band, and work your way down the hair, tying each hairband to create the look.
  4. Gently soften the hair in between each band using your fingers to tease each section out slightly. 
  5. Finish off using sleek spray in kerasilk to add high shine and a glossy sleek finish 



Elegant evening waves: How to create this effortless evening finish
  1. Prep the hair using the volume mousse by kerasilk to create fullness and hold 
  2. Heat up and use the GHD curve to create these large, thick curlers with your wand. 
  3. Take medium size sections and angle away from your face.
  4. Once finished the whole head, leave the curls to cool (this allows them to set and hold)
  5. Lightly spray your  brush with the anti humidity spray by kms and gently brush the curls out (spraying your brush reduces fly away hair and adds gentle hold)
  6. Finish of with sleek spray 
Enjoy, and remember to tag us on Instagram if you decide to re-create one of these looks!

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