Green Salon Collective & SJ Forbes

Green Salon Collective & SJ Forbes

Sustainability and our planet is an area very close to us at SJ Forbes and in 2021 we are pushing forward to be greener! We are on a mission for salon sustainability across our stores and to achieve this we have teamed up with Green Salon Collective.

Did you know that 99% of salon foils end up in landfill? We are aiming to give back, to do our bit and we are aiming to rectify that by now recycling your hair and our foil. The hair and foil that we will recycle will be re-used for gardening and composting. It’s great to know where exactly our waste will be going. 

GSC is proud to own recycling their profits. 100% of any money raised from recycling raw materials or new products made from waste goes to charity. By recycling profits, every month they can support charities and organisations that are genuinely making a difference by giving back. It really is inspiring seeing the greater good here and the contributions to society! Some of the charities are the following:

  • Foodcycle 
  • Haircuts 4 The Homeless 
  • Tree Planting

So, what are SJ Forbes actually doing? We’ve decided to join the initiative by adding a small £1 ‘green fee’ to each client visit. So now when you join us in the Salon, you will be helping us save our planet too! Look out for the Green Salon Collective logo in our salons on your next visit!


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