Goldwell & SJ Forbes

Goldwell & SJ Forbes

Goldwell stands for a leading stylist executive brand which meets all professional needs. The portfolio is extensive and gives stunning results and innovative tools which give superior agility. The technical advances streamline work and most importantly service concepts which make salon clients happy and returning. 

SJ Forbes has been using Goldwell since 2015. Hayley trained with Goldwell when she was a junior. And when Sean and Hayley were setting up, the question was 'Which brand do we form our business around?'. Hayley was certain she wanted to re-partner with Goldwell. She was working with L’Oreal in more recent times, however she really missed Goldwell and everything that the brand stood for. Instantly, both of the team noticed how different the vibrancy was, and the end result of each product. Longevity far more prominent and the condition of the hair is noticeably different when using Goldwell products. With quality being such a key focus and part of SJ Forbes ethos, it’s difficult to always find a range which ticks every box, but this is why SJ Forbes partners with Goldwell as they truly believe in the brand.

When asked why Goldwell Hayley and Sean both answered ‘the lipids used in these products for shine and condition. PH levels really look after the hair, it is almost as if a hair stylist has been put in a lab to develop products. The integration is so sleek.’ They also referred to Goldwell having a ‘stylist’ ethos and they are ‘forward thinking whilst completing it quicker than any other brand’. 

One of Hayley & Seans favourite examples which practises the ‘Pure Pigments’ concept. This has been 15 years in the making with Fujifilm, which marks a revolution with Goldwell hair colour. The effect of this collaboration is that a normal colour mixed with for example, a gold colour reflector will actually project a gold shine. When the hair moves it literally shines like a gold mine! There is nothing else on the market like this, and Goldwell does not shout about their products enough! The Goldwell brand is so creative, and there is always more to be building knowledge and increasing full potential within the brand. 

At SJ Forbes, the team are known as Goldwell experts, and are soul advocates of the Goldwell brand. Luke is a specialist and a colour master and the training involves demos, mood-boards and practicals. It is extensive, but it ensures your employees leave as the very best they can be. There are often chances for the team to head up to the Goldwell academy and look at specifics. 

Product ranges: 

Look out for more of our colour services and illustrations to come soon!

*SJ Forbes is one of the number one Goldwell Salons across Egham and Windsor


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