Autumnal Hair Tips and Tricks for Fall 2022

Autumnal Hair Tips and Tricks for Fall 2022
It’s the time of year when there is a shift in weather, gone are those warm, bright summer days and we welcome cooler temperatures and darker nights. This poses a whole new range of challenges for your hair care routine as the weather shift can have multiple effects on the condition of your hair such as dryness, extra frizz and colour  more. With autumn being known as the healing season after the damaging sun of the summer, Here are our tips and tricks for autumn 2022 so you can be as prepared as you can be to battle these changes this season and make sure your hair has never looked better! 

Tip 1: Moisturise 

During the summer months hair can be prone to being dried out by the sun's harmful rays, chlorine in the swimming pools or salt from the seal leaving you hair feeling a bit dried up and lacking moisture. When autumn arrives it is key to focus on moisture in your hair care routine with a once a week deep conditioning treatment on your hair to restore its natural moisture, maintaining this throughout the autumn and winter months with the crisp weather being prone to sucking the moisture out of your hair. 
Why not try our Dual Senses Rich repair 60 sec mask or Oribe gold lust treatment mask!

Tip 2: Time for a trim 

One of the most important tips we can give this autumn and winter is to make sure you're getting a trim. With the combination of indoor central heating and the extreme change in weather conditions with the rain, wind and lack of sun this can affect the health of your hair leaving it more subject to damage and split ends. Book in with one our stylist to get rid of your loose ends. 

Tip 3: Apply a hair oil 

Hair oils are liquid gold for dry hair and will be the answers to all your hair care prayers. Oils can work wonders on dry hair and irritated scalps so try our Oribe Gold lust Oil!

Tip 4: Use a treatment mask 

As well as switching up your shampoo and conditioner, it is a great idea to treat your hair to regular hair treatment masks. These masks will work to soothe and protect each of your strands of hair with weekly treatment leaving you hair feeling super soft. 

Tip 5: Fight the frizz 

As winter and autumn come around and the damp, drizzly and foggy day can come back it can make that frizz creep back into your hair so you're going to need all the help you can get. The key is to keep your hair well hydrated and moisturised to fight the frizz with the perfect styling routine. Ensure you are using a very moisturising shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair moisturised lock in that moisture. The perfect products for this are kms Tame frizz. 
Now you’ve got our top tips for here are some tricks to be a head of the hair trends this autumn. 

Trick 1: Auburn hair to autumn

Copper brunette hair colour is all the range this autumn and winter. Why not spice up you hair this autumn and add in an extra bit of red. Auburn colours seem to be all people are talking about with people wanting a warmer effect toning down their blonde pieces to more red tones such as caramel brown to match to mood of the season. 

Trick 2: 70s shape 

Seventies haircuts and hairstyles are still strong hair trends for autumn/ winter 2022. The 70s blowout is becoming a popular style and haircut in salons as people are loving the chunky bangs and blow dries with loads of volume and a big bouncy curl. 

Trick 3: Undone bun 

It seems people are also loving the undone and effortless style with messy buns being a timeless classic. Slicked back hair is a thing of the past this autumn with the messy hair look being effortlessly fashionable and a great option when your hair isn't cooperating. 
With the above tips and tricks you are prepared to take on all the battles of autumn with awesome hair. Why not also take a trip to one of our salons and jump on one of the trends this autumn, there has never been a better time to go red!

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