Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween Hairstyles

Have you got your Halloween costume planned for this year? Don’t panic if you haven't or if you're still on the hunt got the perfect costume, we have got you covered with our top 5 Halloween hairstyles to use this year, from a spooky messy bun to the classic Harley Quinn hairstyle. 

Spooky Messy Bun 

The Spooky messy bun has to be the most simple but effective hairstyle to use this Halloween. All you need to do is add a few spooky themed accessories to your day to day messy bun and you’re ready to go. Why not add in a fake spider here and there and if you're feeling brave why not try some temporary hair dye!


Harley Quinn

This is a halloween hairstyle that doesn't require any props or accessories and therefore the perfect option for any last minute costume planners. All you need for this classic look is temporary hair dye and some hair ties. Start by sectioning your hair in two, spraying each section a different colour. Then tie your hair in pigtails and you're done, how easy was that!

Mermaid Hair 

The much loved mermaid waves is an easy, low maintenance Halloween hairstyle. Simply use a mermaid waver to achieve these waves which look effortless. You can also add extra accessories to this look such as hair dye or clips to add that extra sparkle. 

Euphoria/Space Theme 

Space buns will make you look out of this world this Halloween! For this 90s vibe look, why not try out some space buns teamed with Euphoria inspired makeup to complete the look. With Euphoria being everyone's new favourite show this look is sure to be a crowd pleaser. 


A vampire seems like the most obvious choice of costume this Halloween. This look can be completely tailored to you, whether you are going for the sexy and sleek look or full on scare mode you will be ready to enchant your victims.


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