How To Style Curtain Bangs?

How To Style Curtain Bangs?

Curtain bangs is when a fringe is cut short at the centre of your face, gradually getting longer the further away from your face. Curtain bangs are cut by stylists using scissors or a razor for a sleek look. Curtain bangs suit both long and short hairstyles and take minimal effort when it comes to styling them. 


Different Ways To Style Curtain Bangs?

There are various ways to style curtain bangs and you don’t always need to apply heat. To style with heat you will need a hairdryer and a medium-barrel round brush or you can style using a curling iron or a flat iron. To style using a hairdryer and medium-barrel round brush. Wrap the front pieces of hair around the brush and use your hairdryer with heat if possible to blow the hair away from the face, whilst brushing and twisting the brush in the motion away from your face and finish with a spray of hairspray to set into your desired style.

To style curtain bangs with a curling iron, flat iron, or round blow dryer hairbrush, separate your fringe from the rest of your hair. Bring the curling iron or round blow dryer hairbrush to your curtain bangs, holding your hair above your head, curl it up and in a backwards motion away from your face. Keep doing this until your hair is dry, for more volume in your curtain bangs you can add a hair roller into your fringe for about half an hour then take it out, touch up the final strands of hair, then apply hairspray where necessary.

When styling without heat all you need is a medium-barrel round brush, a roller and hairspray. Start by dampening the front pieces of your hair, use your medium-barrel round brush to brush under and upwards while twisting your bangs into a backwards ‘C’ shape, then add the hair roller under the curtain bangs until your hair is dry. Once your hair is dry take the roller out and move it into your preferred place so the hair is curly and bouncy and spray it into place with some hairspray.

When using these styling methods it is important to remember to use heat protection to protect from the damage heat can do to your hair. Try out the Hot Flex by KMS on dry hair and Multi benefit by KMS on wet hair! 


Do You Need To Style Curtain Bangs Every Day?

Curtain bangs are a hairstyle that does not take a long time to maintain. Depending on your hair type, you most likely will need to style your curtain bangs every day because the hair volume usually collapses throughout the day. However, hairspray slows down the volume decrease phase. 

Do Curtain Bangs Suit Round Faces?

Curtain bangs will look good on any shaped face, curtain bangs on round faces make your cheekbones stand out, if you have long curtain bangs this will shape round faces. Talk to your stylist about what sort of curtain bangs is best suitable for your hair type and face shape.  


How To Maintain Curtain Bangs?

Curtain bangs are easy to maintain, from day to day, you can use a hair roller or curling iron and hairspray, or dry shampoo to keep your bangs in place. We recommend getting your curtain bangs trimmed every six weeks, but experimenting with different lengths of curtain bangs is a great way to find out what length best suits your face.

You may be wondering; are curtain bangs for you? Because this hairstyle suits all hair types, long and short, straight and curly, thick and thin hair, you will definitely look good. Also, this hairstyle is predicted to be a trending hairstyle in 2023 and there’s nothing wrong with hopping on the trend early. Low-effort maintenance and a bit of hairspray will give you the trendy, bouncy fringe for 2023.


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