Celebrity Hairstyles This Summer

Celebrity Hairstyles This Summer

As the weather warms and the sun is out more, it’s not just us that’s changing up our hair. Celebrities are constantly changing their hairstyles for roles, fun, photoshoots, and many other reasons. So far this summer, specific styles are shown more often than others, specifically regarding celebrities. Lighter colours, shorter cuts, highlighted hair, and more are some of the burgeoning trends of summer 2023. Throughout this blog, we will discuss some of the hairstyles that celebrities are going for and how you can achieve these looks yourself!

Fringe/curtain bangs

Ashley Tisdale, Dakota Johnson, Zooey Deschanel, and more are some of the best-known celebrities that wear fringe/curtain bangs as their trademark look. More recently, this look has become a trend that celebrities such as Sophie Turner, Hailey Bieber, and Zendaya have been wearing for a few weeks and then changing back to their traditional looks. 

This look has gained more popularity this summer because it is an excellent way to stave off the summer heat by keeping your hair light and airy. Not only that, but it frames the face and gives the hair a “naturally” messy look while still looking unkempt and elegant. 

Most recently, we are seeing that celebrities with this look are using fringe/curtain bangs in conjunction with some “beachy” waves, adding to that quintessential summer look and giving the hair more volume and bounce. 

Blonde bob

Going blonde for the summer is a tale as old as time. Celebrities are constantly colouring their hair blonde for the summer to match the sunny weather.

What’s becoming more popular this summer amongst stars is colouring their hair blonde and also getting a bob cut. Kourtney Kardashian is the front-runner for this look right now and has gone for a perfect bob cut with a natural-looking blonde colouring. 

Not only is this look perfect for summer as it is simple to maintain and matches the brightness that summer brings, but it is also the smart choice to keep you from overheating. With less hair on your shoulders and a lighter colour that doesn’t attract heat as much, it’s the optimal look for those hot summer days.


Opting for a bob in the heat is one of the best ways to keep cool this summer. To elevate this look, some celebrities have been going for a bob and side-sweeping their bangs while also adding “beachy” waves. 

Charlize Theron is heading up this look by rocking a gorgeous blonde bob with side-swept bangs and wavy hair. It is such a glamorous look to head into summer with as it is a much more manageable and comfortable style in the hot and humid weather, while also adding an elevated feel to the hair. 

To allow for better airflow around the neck and shoulders to reduce heat build-up and to dress up your style this summer, opt for a bob cut with side-swept bangs!

Short bob and highlights

Staying on theme with all the bob cuts we are seeing this summer, another great way to style this look is by adding lighter highlights to the front of the hair. Someone who is doing this really well at the moment is Hailey Bieber. 

Although Hailey is known for her signature blonde look, she has recently coloured her hair brown, chopped it into a bob, and added some lighter brown highlights to the front of her face. 

This look captures summer's essence by framing the face and bringing some light to a darker hair colour. Adding light waves to this hairstyle can tie in that summery vibe. 

Colourful hair

It’s no secret that summer is one of the best times of the year for a bold new hair colour. That’s when all the colours in clothing, makeup, and hair come out to match the vibrancy of the season. 

Chloe Bailey, very reminiscent of her sister, Halle, in the new Little Mermaid movie, has gone bold and bright this summer by colouring her hair a striking red colour. Not only that, but she has added extensions to make the look pop even more.

Even though this may be a more eccentric look, Bailey’s statement goes to show that there is no better time to make a drastic and fun change than summer!

Pixie cuts

If bob cuts aren’t your thing, but you still feel like chopping off some hair to keep the heat off your neck and shoulders this summer, try a pixie cut, like Julia Garner. 

Julia Garner is taking the pixie cut to a whole new level by adding some asymmetrical bangs and having a more “chopped” look. This choppiness gives this hairstyle an edgier feel to it and gives it a more naturally messy feel and appearance. 

To get some inspiration for what look you should try out this summer, look no further than some of your favourite celebrities. Chloe Bailey, Ashley Tisdale, Hailey Bieber, and more are just some of the stars who have made drastic and subtle changes to their hairstyles in preparation for the warmer months. No matter what look you want to try this summer, SJ Forbes can help. Book your appointment today to get your summer look started!


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