Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Holiday season is finally here. Whether you’re planning a trip somewhere new, having a staycation, or revisiting a familiar place, summer is the best time to do it. Travelling, especially in the heat, can be uncomfortable at times so when it comes to your hair on holiday comfort is key whilst also staying stylish. Because of limited packing space, it’s always wise to plan some hairstyles ahead to save time and pack only the products you absolutely need. Luckily, we have compiled a list of some easy hairstyles that you can create on your holiday that use little or no products. This way, you can save space in your suitcase and time making memories on your vacation!

Slick Bun

A slicked-back bun is a chic and simple style that is perfect for any holiday. With this hairstyle, you have the ability to dress it up or down while keeping an elegant, yet, glamorous look. You can make this hairstyle product free by just grabbing some water, and lightly damp your hair to pull it back into a bun. 

If you prefer to use products, you can get some hair gel and bobby pins to keep it in place longer. This is a great look for going out to dinner, heading to the beach, going on excursions, or anything else you find yourself doing while on vacation!

Sleek and Straight

When on holiday, there is always the chance that something was left behind at home, there isn’t enough time, or some other scenario arises where you don’t have what you need to style your hair. In that case, a great look is a simple sleek and straight one.

This one requires only two products, flat iron and some shine spray. You can’t go wrong with keeping it easy and elegant while on holiday. Just pack your favourite spray to give it a nice and refreshing finishing look and you are good to go!


Nothing screams “holiday” quite like a blowout. Bouncy and full hair is the ultimate vacation look. The best part about this hairstyle is, if you forgot your blow dryer at home, most hotels and Air B n Bs have one! So wherever you go, this look is totally achievable and accessible.

All you really need to do is start by washing your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that will add some body and texture to it. Once you have towel-dried your hair, start dividing your hair into manageable sections and use a brush and a blow dryer to direct the airflow from your roots right to the ends of your hair.

Make sure that as you reach the ends of your hair, roll the brush inward to add a subtle curve to the hair. Finish it off with some shine spray and you are ready to go!

Beachy Waves

Beachy waves make for an amazing holiday hairstyle, perfectly complementing a getaway's relaxed and carefree atmosphere. This look elevates any look and evokes a sense of natural beauty, allowing you to enjoy a low-maintenance style while still looking effortlessly glamorous. What’s better, you can achieve this look without any products. 

Some different ways to achieve this look are:

  • Sleeping in damp hair overnight
  • Spritzing some water in your hair and scrunching it for around 10 minutes
  • To achieve longer-lasting results, use a curling iron or leave your hair in braids overnight 

Whichever method you decide to use, you can’t go wrong with this look!

Messy Bun

When on vacation, an effortless yet stylish go-to hairstyle is essential. This look is perfect for any holiday with minimal effort and product required. Not only is it a relaxed and easy look, but it also keeps your hair off your face and neck, making it ideal for warm weather destinations. 

The beauty of this look lies in the little imperfections, such as loose strands and baby hair, as it embraces the natural movement and texture of your hair. With such versatility, you can dress this look up or down, making it perfect for anything from a day at the beach to a night out. 

If you want to pack light, all you really need is a hair clip or hair tie and you can achieve this look in minutes.

This summer, don’t stuff your bags with unnecessary products or waste precious vacation time styling your hair. Sometimes, the most amazing looks are the ones that take the shortest amount of time or the least amount of products. Wherever your next holiday takes you, try out one of these hairstyles! You can be out the door in minutes feeling and looking ready for your next adventure. To get a jump on your holiday hairstyle, book your appointment with SJ Forbes today to leave you feeling fresh and ready for your vacation!


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