Holiday Hairstyles with SJF

Holiday Hairstyles with SJF

Feel glamorous for your holidays

All we do is moan and pray for sunnier weather, in those winter days we dream about it. Now we are here and of course, we Brits continue to complain a little more as hot weather can be uncomfortable as we aren’t used to it. 

Sun, sand, surf, and…sweat? We definitely do not enjoy the last one, but it’s the price we pay for those long summer days. It can be pretty hard to enjoy a backyard barbecue when your bangs are sticking to your forehead or it feels like you have ten pounds of hair trapping sweat on the back of your neck. And your neatly styled curls have completely dropped even though you used hairspray!

We have put together 4 easy summer styles which add the perfect amount of sass and sun-kissed flair that you’re after.

  • Low slick back bun

To get this sleek bun, use a styling cream to pull all of your hair back into a low pony at the back of your head. Then, you’ll twist your hair clockwise all the way down and style the bun shape how you want. Effortless and sexy.


  • Messy wrapped ponytail 

This ponytail works amazingly on second-day hair because it lets any natural texture or leftover curls shine. Pull your hair back into a ponytail, and don’t worry about being precise like you would with a sleek style. Use an elastic band to secure the pony. Pull a small piece of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to hide it. Bobby pin the end of that hair to your head and spray with hair spray to hold all day long. 

  • Bouncy Blowouts

The thing about classic looks is that they never go out of style, who doesn’t love a bouncy blow? Start by drying the hair with a large barrel brush. Start with small sections and work the heat up the entire section of hair.

  • Face-Framing Braids

Look no further than Hailey Bieber for the easiest, Cali-cool hairstyle that everyone will be rocking this season. Easy, elegant and perfect for keeping your bangs sticking to your face!

Styling tips for the Sun

  •  Moisturise: A leave-in conditioner is your hair’s best friend in the heat! A must-have for keeping your locks soft and healthy despite the drying effects of the sun. Apply to the mid-lengths and ends when damp and leave to dry. Don’t forget to treat your hair to a nourishing intensive mask at least once every week you’re away and continue using it for a few weeks after you return to help replenish any lost moisture.


  • The key to perfect holiday style is keeping it low commitment and laid-back. Don’t colour your hair closer than one week before you jet off to give it time to settle and leave the heat stylers at home. 

  • Beachy waves are our top style for summer and are so straightforward. Start by splitting your hair into two even sections when damp and loosely braiding each. Leave to dry overnight, and take out in the morning, run some smoothing serum through the mid-lengths and ends for effortless waves.

  • Another super easy method is to wash your hair in the morning and towel dry. Then apply a salt spray like KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray and scrunch up with your hands before leaving to dry naturally.

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