FAQ's by SJF

FAQ's by SJF

FAQ’S you’ll appreciate the answers to

If you are like us and are thorough when making hair decisions, and like to understand as much as possible when it comes to hair. We have devised a set of frequently asked questions to help put you at ease when ahead of visiting the salon, whether that be the first time or even after several visits but you would like to know more. We even wanted to compile some of those questions you always wanted to ask your hairdresser.

Why should I choose Goldwell & SJF over any other hair salons and brands?

Goldwell is a brand that listens, and thinks stylist. Creativity has no limits with Goldwell and SJ Forbes supports this. The portfolio of products creates stunning results and the products are innovative with superior agility. Hayley, Salon Director at SJ Forbes has worked with several brands in her career including L’Oreal, and made the decision to partner the salon with Goldwell due to the products being distinctive, more prominent and the condition being noticeably different after usage. With quality being such a key focus and part of SJ Forbes ethos, it’s difficult to always find a range which ticks every box, but this is why SJ Forbes partners with Goldwell as they truly believe in the brand.

Why do I need a skin test?

It is essential that SJ Forbes conducts a skin patch test before appointments are taken in the salon. The main objective here is to establish if the customer will have a reaction to the products or ingredients used during a colour appointment. It is important that as stylists we reconduct these regularly and every 6 months in order to retest the skin. If you have coloured your hair at home or somewhere else in between your colour appointments with us you must have another skin test. We always ensure we are thorough with this as we put the importance of our clients first as well as the health and wellbeing. 

How far in advance do I need to book / how often should you really get your hair cut?

When it comes to appointments, we ideally need to rebook your appointments every 6 weeks, minimum. This is due to the upkeep of hair length, split ends and hair health. If you have a colour or highlights which need regular upkeep then we advise to refresh the colour with us every 6-8 weeks. Therefore we advise you book after your appointment for the next visit. We also recommend booking your next few appointments around busy periods such as Christmas and Summer. 

Do you offer consultations?

A hair consultation is the best way for you to communicate with your hairstylist and is an opportunity for us to connect with you and discuss your requirements and hair goals. We usually have an open conversation and take you through the stages and key parts of the journey and how we will achieve this. 

Is dry shampoo bad for the hair?

Not always. Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver, but it’s important not to over-use it as some formulas will just lie on the scalp, causing blocked follicles, which can lead to scalp problems and hair loss in the long run. Dry shampoo The SJ team advise to use sparingly as it is prone to making hair weaker and 

Why should I pay more for professional hair shampoo and conditioner? 

You wouldn’t wash your Ferrari in fairy liquid…so you wouldn’t do that to your hair, right? Cheap and accessible, of course it is easy. But what’s easy on the wallet now will just cost big money trying to reverse the damage that supermarket haircare will do later down the line. Speak to your stylist about which set of Goldwell & KMS products work best suited to your hair type.

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