The Ultimate Guide to Summer Hair Hydration

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Hair Hydration

Dry hair? Start taking the steps now to get your hair in tune for the Summer months!

Have you noticed your hair feeling dry, distressed and in need of some TLC? Well now is the perfect time to start prepping in advance, the warmer months are around the corner where time spent in the sun, chlorinated pools and salty oceans can strip the hair from necessary oils, and left feeling limp, dry and straw like. It can also take the moisture straight out. There are many ways to combat this if you plan your haircare in advance, and use the right products. Thats not to say you may already have very dry hair from excessive heat use from curling tongs, hairdryers and straighters. Heat protection is so crucial, and we always suggest preparing your hair for the warmer months, the UV rays are coming, so make sure your mane is ready. 

Why is my hair dry?

Our manes need to be treated with care and protection, we put our hair through a lot. Our hair and skin are affected by the weather, central heating or air-conditioning. All of these elements can leave our hair and skin dry. Our hair takes the brunt of the conditions that make it dry, those conditions might be colour treatments or heated styling. A routine of washing and conditioning is vital for keeping your hair hydrated, as well as using products which protect, nourish and replenish the nutrients in your hair. 

It is more common than not that people aren’t sure what products they need to use to protect their hair and do not understand how essential having this routine is! Regardless of style and texture, it is almost certain that we want our hait to look fresh as a daisy, and as if it has been through a stylists hands each week!


4 top tips for looking after your hair 

  1. Use a nourishing treatment, such as a hair mask to replenish, enrich and add moisture to your hair. On average, around twice per month for a hair mask should do the trick.
  2. Check in with your stylist regularly. Keeping your ends trimmed is essential for hair health and to achieve growth longer term. Getting rid of those split ends and weathered hair strands will give your hair that oomph and lift once chopped off. 
  3. Choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely. You wouldn’t wash your ferrari in fairy liquid, would you? So you absolutely would not wash your hair in supermarket shampoo, right?
  4. When drying your hair, use a cotton t-shirt or cloth to gently rub the excess water away instead of rubbing rough against a towel. This can revent breakage and is ultimately a more gentle approach to keep your strands happy.

How to combat dry hair

Dry hair can be the bane of our lives. If you have limp, lifeless and straw like hair which is getting you down ahead of Summer? If your hair is dry, it’s because it has become depleted of lipids, a critical part of your hair shaft that protects and coats each individual strand. Lipids keep hair healthy, shiny, manageable and strong. You lose lipids as a result of normal wear and tear, usually via three common causes:

Every day factors


While nature is a life-giving force, it can be distressing on your hair. UV ray exposure, extreme heat, high humidity and wind can all suck vital moisture from hair. In the summertime, all of these forces are usually heightened - along with additional dehydrating factors, and can even boil down to keeping your body hydrated in hot weather!




Washing too frequently can strip hair of its protective natural oils - especially curly and textured hair, which can be more prone to dryness. During the warmer months, overwashing can occur easily as we shower more regularly. 


Hot styling tools


Heat styling with a blow dryer, a flat iron or a curling iron—or all three—can have distressing effects, leaving hair looking dry and depleted. We often turn to heat styling to tame sun-frazzled strands, which can only exacerbate overly dry hair.

Product spotlight

As you will now know, it is vital to use heat protection when styling your hair and even for blowdrying, as well as treating your hair to a hair mask to rejuvenate those natural oils, is also essential. Below we have listed two hero products that the SJ Forbes team recommend you bake into your hair care routine: 

How heat protection works for your hair…and for your bread 🍞👩‍🦳✂️ 

The SJ Team x


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