Spring Hair Colour Styles 2022

Spring Hair Colour Styles 2022

Top 5 hair colours for Spring

A new season brings new trends, fresh ideas and new ways to colour your hair. Spring 2022 is looking brighter than ever, it's all about creating colours which are bright right through until the summer glows. As spring is now around the corner, and for those of you who live for the brighter days…what better excuse than to add a pop of colour to your hair, and stand tall just like the daffodils. Plan your hair glow ups so when the clocks go forward and the nights get lighter you are ready to embrace the longer evenings. To discover what hues will be supreme this season, then you have come to the right place!

A change in the weather means a new wardrobe and a fresh mane. Last year we saw trends rising such as grey and copper coloured hair due to limited visit to salons. This year we are predicting more adventurous and bright coloured tones, and what better time to do this than with the transition of Winter to Spring. 

Sure, earthy fall hair colours are fun and winter hair colors can be edgy and bold. But when we are finally out of the dreary winter months! Spring brings with it a foray back into the world of colour that we’ve been missing for months. Welcome a fresh shade, whether you are looking for a bolder look or whether you are just looking to enhance your natural shade. SJ Forbes has collated the most popular Spring colours for you to experiment with… run, don’t walk to book your appointment today!

Peek-a-boo Colours

Peak-a-boo Colour

Wanting to try a bolder colour? This is a great place to start! By still having the same all over colour and adding small sections, this allows you to play with a vibrant hue but by adding more of an accessory when you style your hair in a specific way or style your hair up. This is also perfect for upkeep! Instead of managing full block colours, and get stylish with different elements sporadically throughout, saying it with attitude. 

Luxe, Luscious Brunette

Rich, bold and full brunette colours will continue to shine on bright through to the warmer season. Adding cooler, mushroom hues with a splash of dark butterscotch with added low lights will add a more youthful feel. Perfect for that extra spring vibe!

Luxe Brunette

Toasted Caramel

We saw plenty of different shades of orange and copper throughout 2021, being youthful and playful all in one, we feel that copper auburn hair with a hint of spice will be hot off the press. Bringing a hue of bold, this colour can work for anyone. Looking for a step more daring? Flaming red copper will be entering the catwalk too, elegant and flamboyant.

Toasted Caramel

Ring-lighting Balayage

Righ-lighting Balayage


2021 saw an enhanced focus on face framing all year round, the SJ Forbes team were busy creating money pieces each week! This set the tone for what was to come, and we are predicted ring-lighting balayage styles this Spring. Whilst being quick, easy and not too different from your everyday look, it enhances and adds that glossy, sleek feel to a current style.

  • SJ Forbes believes this is the one to watch.

Bronde hair with dark roots

Dark Roots, Blonde Balayage

Dark roots are still here dominating, by adding colour to the ends of your hairs it adds depth to your look whilst being low maintenance and adding a melty perfection of an array of colours. Will always be timeless. Giving more lift and definition to lighter pieces, a touch of root shading can add dimension, while making locks look lived-in and effortless. 

  • The SJ Forbes team love this look. 

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