How to Grow Your Hair

All You Need To Know About Growing Your Hair from the Experts at SJ Forbes Hair Salon in Egham

How to Grow Your Hair

Do you ever think about how much hair you have on your head and how fast your hair grows? Now you can get all your answers from the expert hair stylists at SJ Forbes hair salon in Egham.

The average person has over 100,000 hair follicles on their head,  growing at the rate of 0.33mm per day or ½ inch per month. Several factors determine how fast your hair grows, which includes hormones, genetics and diet. The hair feels thicker and stronger during pregnancy, and this is a result of the extra hormones running through the body.

Ever wondered why haircuts do not hurt? Here is the scientifically based answer.

During hair growth, hair pushes up through the follicles. Hair made from the root of the follicles contain cell protein, which is fed by the body through the blood vessels distributed all over the scalp.

Hair starts to grow in length as more cells are produced and pushed through the skin. The hair shaft is made of Keratin – a hard protein, and when it becomes very long, it shows through the skin. When it pops out through the skin to the scalp, the hair is already dead, and this is why you do not feel pain when getting a haircut.

The medulla, cortex and the cuticle are the three different layers that make up the hair strand. The cortex and medulla keep the pigment responsible for hair colour.

Why can’t I grow my hair longer? perming, hair salon in egham

Having flat hair follicles is the main reason why your hair cannot grow beyond a certain length.  Round hair follicles hold the hair better, hence better chances of growing very long hair. Conditioning hair treatments or regular haircuts may not get your hair to your desired length, but they do help to keep your hair healthy.

The longer your hair grows, the heavier it becomes, and when it becomes too heavy for the follicle, hair breaks off but guess what? It will grow another!

How to grow your hair – tops tips from SJ Forbes Hair Salon in Egham

We do not determine how long our hair can grow, but fortunately, we have a chance at deciding how quickly it will grow. Here are some top hair tips for healthy and glossy hair from the professional hair stylists at SJ Forbes Hair Salon in Egham:

  • Eat healthy – A protein, iron and zinc rich diet are great for hair
  • Use mild shampoo that will exfoliate your scalp gently
  • Have regular haircuts – it prevents hair breakage
  • Take supplements that provide nitrify the follicles and boost hair growth

What causes damage to my hair?

There are certain habits  and practices that are harmful to your hair, these are some of them:

  • Use of heat appliances such as blow dryer damage the hair shafts. Use only when necessary.
  • Avoid contact with chlorine especially when swimming, it makes hair dry which leads to breakage.
  • Our skilled hairdressers suggest avoiding shampoo containing silicone; they make your hair prone to breakage.

The hair styling team at our SJ Forbes hair salon recommends regular haircuts and the use of suitable professional hair care products to boost hair health.

We have a variety of deep conditioning hair treatments that will leave your hair shiny and healthy.

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