#notjustahairdresser Campaign Movement

#notjustahairdresser Campaign Movement

Last October, Creative Head magazine launched a viral social media and TV campaign. A little over 6 months later and people are still talking about it. 

With more than 2,000 uses of the hashtag #notjustahairdresser on Instagram and Facebook and 180k views on YouTube, it’s safe to say that this statement has gotten people talking. 

But, what exactly does this hashtag mean? 

The campaign spotlighted 12 hairdressers who discussed their jobs and chose a few words that described them, from freethinkers to innovators to trendsetters and more. Hairdressers across London are removing the stigma behind their occupation and pushing forward the narrative that “hairdressing isn’t something you do only when other options don’t work out” (as quoted by Creative Head). They are also friends, supporters, family members, and providers and are a trusted and important relationship to many individuals who look forward to getting their hair done regularly.



With the use of this trending hashtag, hairdressers all over London have had the ability to exhibit who they are, what they do and how much goes into their work. With the hashtag going viral, hairdressers have been able to showcase and highlight their talents and further promote their services.

Hairdressers work incredibly hard to ensure that they aren’t just coming up with new and creative ways to stay relevant and on-trend in order to impress their clients but also work to cultivate long-term and trusting relationships with them. Not only do they have to cater to their client’s demands, but they also have to be better than their competition as well as being personable, creative, fairly priced, positive, accessible, accommodating, patient and much more. 



Due to the intimate nature of the job, hairdressers need to build and foster relationships with all of their clients and make an effort socially as well as creatively. There is so much that goes into their day-to-day that most of the public isn’t aware of, which is why this campaign was created. 

Through the use of this hashtag and movement, hairdressers from all over London (and hopefully soon all over the UK and beyond!) are able to empower themselves and others to be proud of their profession and all the hard work they put into it. 

This hashtag and movement have had an extremely positive impact on hairdressers and people in the salon industry. It has given these professionals the ability to speak up about their hard work and remove the stigma behind their professions in their own words. These individuals now have a voice, a platform and a viral trending hashtag to show off their work, dedication and commitment to the beauty and hair industry.

SJ Forbes stands with the hashtag and all the professionals who have posted it as well. Spread the hashtag by using #notjustahairdresser when you visit SJ Forbes or any other salon to keep the movement going!



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