Recommended Products for Vacation

Recommended Products for Vacation

Summer is fast approaching us and that means it’s almost holiday season. The hot weather, sunny days, cold drinks, colourful clothing and hair makes us all excited to embark on some fun trips this summer. When travelling, it may be challenging to know which products are best for aeroplanes, hot and dry weather and most compatible with pools and bodies of water. If you are wondering which products are essential when travelling, then look no further than this blog! SJ Forbes has compiled a list of the most useful and important products you should be bringing with you on holiday to keep your hair looking and feeling its healthiest. 

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a quick and convenient way to refresh your hair on holiday without using water. This makes it a perfect situation if you are unable to access showers or if you are on limited time. 

As well as being convenient, dry shampoo has the added benefit of absorbing excess oil and adding volume to your hair, helping you to maintain a fresh and stylish look throughout the entirety of your trip.

Lastly, since this item is relatively compact, it is travel-friendly and will easily be able to fit into your bags, ensuring you are always prepped for any hair emergency!

Hair Masks

During travel, your hair can be exposed to lots of environmental stressors such as the sun, saltwater, chlorine and dry air. Hair masks provide deep conditioning to your hair as well as replenishing moisture and nourishment and ensuring that your hair remains healthy throughout the trip.

Hair masks are also great products for repairing and reviving damaged hair. It can help to bring back its natural shine and smoothness. Along with being a helpful product for your hair, it is also a self-care ritual that allows you to indulge in a relaxing and pampering activity whilst on holiday.

Hair Oil

Travel often exposes hair to environmental stressors like sun, wind and humidity, which can lead to your hair drying out and getting frizzy. Bringing hair oil can act as a protective barrier that locks in moisture and protects your hair from damage.

Hair oil can also help nourish and hydrate your hair, promoting its overall health and shine and can even act as a leave-in conditioner, heat protectant and styling aid.

Its compact size makes this item convenient for travel to ensure that you have a reliable solution for keeping your hair looking and feeling nourished throughout your holiday.


Products such as leave-in conditioners or other styling products are convenient travel items as they can easily be applied to wet or damp hair without the need for rinsing making them the perfect product for quick and effortless hair care routines. 

Leave-in products also provide the benefit of long-lasting effects throughout the day, such as moisturising, detangling and protecting your hair from the heat. They help to combat the drying effects of the sun, salt water and chlorine, keeping your hair nourished and protected. These products also come in travel-friendly sizes, making them easy to pack.

UV Protector

You would bring UV protector for your skin on holiday, so why not bring UV protector for your hair as well? UV protectors for hair can minimise the damage of prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. These rays can lead to hair damage, dryness, colour fading and breakage. 

UV protector products form a protective barrier, shielding your hair from UV damage. They can also preserve the vibrancy and integrity of coloured or treated hair, preventing it from becoming dull or brassy. 

These products also contain nourishing ingredients that moisturise and hydrate the hair, keeping it healthy and resilient in challenging environmental conditions, such as humid and dry holiday destinations. 

Bringing hair products on vacation can be practical and beneficial to maintain healthy and beautiful hair throughout the course of your travels. Whether it’s a dry shampoo for a quick refreshment, hair masks for deep nourishment, oils for protection and shine, leave-in products for convenience and ongoing care, or UV protectors to shield your hair from sun damage, these products offer a range of advantages. By packing the right hair products, you can ensure your hair always stays vibrant, hydrated and well-maintained Don’t forget to pack your favourite hair essential products in your suitcase and enjoy healthy and beautiful hair through your holiday!


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