Wedding Hair Trial Tips

Wedding Hair Trial Tips

May is wedding season and we couldn’t be happier. With the warmer weather comes brighter colours, outdoor activities and trending hairstyles for the bridal season. May is the most popular month for weddings because of the warm weather and the feeling of renewal that comes with it. Picking out a hairstyle can be an overwhelming and daunting task with all the options and influences to choose from. It’s important for brides to go and do a trial hair appointment at a salon before the day of their wedding to ensure that the hairstyle they have envisioned comes to life in a way that suits their venue, dress, personality, and overall style. Luckily, SJ Forbes has gathered tips from some of our dedicated stylists on how to best prepare your hair for your big day.

Wash your hair the night before the trial

Even though you are going to a hair salon, it is important to wash your hair the night before coming for your appointment. Oily and greasy hair is hard to style and won’t turn out accurate results for your intended look. Washing your hair the night before you arrive and not the day of is equally as important because having wet or damp hair will affect the styling of your hair, will slow the process down and will ultimately make it more difficult for your stylist to work with.

Have inspirational pictures ready

Having an idea of what you want for your special day is extremely helpful to your stylist. It saves you both time and frustration. Knowing if you are going for an up-do, braided hair, long and natural hair, or anything else gives you and your stylist a good starting point. It is also important to come to your appointment with an open mind. It’s okay to change your mind midway through or after your appointment– this is the entire premise for a trial appointment. 

Wear a top that can easily go over your head

This tip may seem obvious, but when worrying so much about our hair appointment, we often forget that what we wear to the appointment may be just as important. If you have just sat for a few hours getting your hair all styled and then need to try on clothing to test out how the hair looks with a few different coloured pieces, the last thing you want is your shirt to catch on your hair. Make sure you bring something with you that can easily go over your head so you don’t damage the masterpiece your stylist spent hours creating or the hours you spent waiting!

Wear white on the day of for a comparison

To better bring your vision to life, wear white on the day of your hair consultation. That way, once your hair is completed, you can see how you will look on your wedding day with a white dress. A top or dress that has a similar neckline to your wedding dress is ideal so you can gauge how your hair will look and which style will suit you best. Wearing colours to your consultation may distract you from the look and may potentially throw you off, so ensure you are wearing a similar colour and style to your appointment as you would to your wedding day (a toned-down version of course).

Be explicit and specific

This is not the time to be shy. When it comes to your wedding, it’s important to communicate with your stylist about your vision and preferences. At the end of the day, the stylist wants to bring your image to life and if you are unhappy with how something looks, ensure you speak up. It’s also common for brides to be at their consultation with a pre-imagined idea of what they want their hair to look like, but midway through, they change their minds. It’s completely fine to do so, as long as you discuss the best course of action with your stylist and work together to create something that suits you. 

Bring accessories (if applicable)

If you plan on wearing a veil, crown, or any other headpiece or accessory on the day of your wedding, we recommend bringing those items to your consultation. Bringing these along with you will give you and your stylist a better idea of how your hair will look on the day of your wedding and will give you both a better understanding of how to work your hair around your accessories. Even if you end up not incorporating any accessories into your hair on your wedding day, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

With such an important event as your wedding is it imperative that you book a wedding hair consultation before your big day to test out the different hairstyles you are considering. You may even surprise yourself and change your mind midway through the appointment and opt for a style you never thought you would go for. Building a rapport with your stylist and keeping that line of communication open and honest is the best way to ensure that you leave the salon happy and walk down the aisle with your dream hairdo. Book your consultation with SJ Forbes now on our website!


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