Top tips for your 2023 hair care routine!

Top tips for your 2023 hair care routine!

2023 is the year of great hair and discovering the very best hair tools, treatments and products can do wonders for your self-confidence. Along with a healthy lifestyle make sure you have a healthy hair care routine. 

Minimise Heat 

Similar to setting the resolution to drink more water, reduce the level of heat you use on your hair. As you know excessive use of hot styling tools, such as hair dryers, curlers or straighteners, can damage your hair leaving strands dry and prone to breakage. So we recommend swapping the hot tools for the cooler methods of shaping your hair. 

However, it is important to remember that reducing heat doesn't mean giving up the heat altogether. Old school styling techniques and tools can be reintroduced such as velcro rollers and bendy hair rods can create similar looks that higher temperatures create. 

I know it seems scary to give us the ease of hot tools but it will have numerous benefits in the long run! 

Make your haircare personal 

It is important to remember in 2023 to make your routine, personal, realistic and consistent. There is no need to follow the latest hair trends and make impulse purchases, your haircare is personal and it isn't as easy as ‘one size fits all”. 

The first step to creating your personalised routine consult with your hairstylist about your hair maintenance need and daily challenges. They will be able to suggest the best products and ways increase strength and moisture. 

Change the way you brush

Brushing is not as simple as it may look and isn’t as simple as just grabbing any brush, however, these tools have the power to cause a lot of damage to your hair. Brushing acts as an exfoliator and works the natural oils through the hair so investing in a good quality hairbrush for both your hair and scalp is a top tip for 2023.

SJ Forbes Top Tip: The team recommend a wet brush first then a Varis Flat brush when dry for the best results!


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