Our Top 5 Date Night Hairstyles

Our Top 5 Date Night Hairstyles

Valentine’s Day is approaching and love is in the (h)air. Whether you're celebrating Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day, we have put together five of our top date night hairstyles that will wow your special date. 

Half up, half down fishtail braids

This hairstyle is perfect if you want to let your hair down but also keep it out of your face. It also looks great on people with long or short hair. If you have different tones and colours in your hair, this hairstyle can show these aspects off with the twists and hair overlapping involved. A fishtail braid looks complex but is easy enough to create, make sure you start with fresh, detangled hair.

Begin with parting your hair, then sectioning the hair on your crown and back brushing it to create some volume, once you are happy with the amount of volume tie a small hair band around it which you will come back to later. Now take two small pieces of hair on the left side of your head and take a small piece of hair within one of the larger pieces and wrap it around the other large piece of hair, repeat this whilst taking small chunks of your hair down. 

Repeat this process on the right side of your head then connect the two separate fishtail braids with a hairpin. You could curl or straighten the rest of your hair for your preferred look. To keep this hairstyle in place, spray a generous amount of hairspray for the finished look. We recommend using the Magic finish by Dual senses for the ultimate hold.

Wavy voluminous ponytail

This hairstyle is super quick and easy to do and brings a more elevated look to the simple ponytail. For this hairstyle, all you need is a couple of hairpins and hairbands. As always, brush your hair to get all the tangles out before you begin to style.

Next, take your hair in your hands and pull it above your eye line and just use a claw clip to bring it forwards out of the way of the bottom half of your hair. Now, gather your hair at the bottom of your head and tie it into a ponytail, however high or low as you’d like. 

Back to the upper half of your hair, take this out of the claw clip and begin back brushing it a little bit with a comb to create some volume for the bouncy, voluminous look. You can also add some hair volumising powder to add into the roots between the upper and lower part of your hair. 

Once you are happy with the volume, split the upper piece of hair into two smaller chunks so you can hold one piece on the left of your parting on one on the right. (If you have curtain bangs, don’t forget to leave these out.) Then, take the left piece of hair and wrap it clockwise around your ponytail, then secure it with a hairpin. If you want to increase the ‘messy’ look and create more volume, gently tease your hair by pulling at strands, this will create a more bouncy look. Then do the same with the right piece of hair by tucking it around your ponytail in an anticlockwise motion, again secure it with a hairpin and tease small strands of hair for your preferred look. When happy with the ponytail, secure the overall look with some hairspray, and you will now have a gorgeous wavy voluminous ponytail.

Glam springy curls

Glamorous curls are one of our favourite hairstyles, they always look great and bring shape to your face, especially your cheekbones. This hairstyle is really easy to do, all you need is a hair brush, hair tie and a curling wand or straighteners which you can also use to curl your hair.

Firstly, tie your hair up so half is up and half is down, then curl the bottom half of your hair first by curling the hair away from your face. To intensify the curl, take small chunks of hair and curl them individually, once the bottom half of your hair is curled, give it a quick spray of hairspray, then untie the top half of your hair and take chunks individually to curl this. Remember to curl away from your face. Once this is completed put your fingers through your hair to give a bit of volume to your curls then set it with some hairspray. 

High braided bun

This look is perfect for those with medium to long hair, this pretty hairstyle looks amazing but only takes a couple of minutes to do. Firstly, tie your hair into a simple ponytail, then get another hairband and tie in as if you're going to do another ponytail but rather than pulling all the hair through, leave the hair in a bun with most of the hair left out. Then secure the front piece of the bun down to your head with a hairpin. Now, take the hair in a half ponytail and begin plaiting it, gradually pulling pieces of hair over the pinned bun. When you have plaited all your hair, wrap the final braided hair around your bun and secure it with a pin and finally tie it into place with a hair tie. 

Claw clip half up half down

Last but not least is this easy half-up, half-down claw clip style. To do this style you will need to separate the top half of your hair from the bottom half and take a claw clip. Twist the top half of your hair in an upward motion then place your claw clip onto the twisted bit of the hair, now adjust your hair over the claw clip to create a bouncy look. This hairstyle can be readjusted throughout the night and can be experimented with on different levels of your head. 

We hope we have provided you with inspiration to create your perfect romantic look for valentines, whether you're getting ready for an evening with your gal pals or a special someone you will look and feel amazing! 


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