Key hair takeaways from London Fashion Week 2021

Key hair takeaways from London Fashion Week 2021

Autumn’s approaching!

Well, September went in a flash?! With winding down to Autumn, we have been getting itchy feet about those autumnal leaves hitting our streets. But more importantly, we have been getting excited about all things hair colour! It’s the season!

September showed London Fashion Wee, one of the biggest fashion events in the UK. This year marked the debut of London Fashion Week as a gender-neutral event where both men's and womenswear were merged into a single digital platform. As the event is so iconic we wanted to pull together the key style takeaways from this year’s event for you to be focusing on this Autumnal season!

5 key styles SJ Forbes gave the flame emoji to this year:

From bringing it back from the old school to fresh off the runaway 2021, statement bangs are back and are here to stay. This seasons hair looks were fresh and effortless and taught us to switch it up with these simple styles. We have also paired these striking do’s with some of our top products which are essential for styling and hitting that hold. 

This season’s looks have been more relaxed, accessible and we can’t get enough of some of these styles.

  1. Statement Bangs


Bangs will always be a forever classic and is a style that is versatile and fit for all because it softens and shapes the face. By adding two sweeping parts of hair by the face it highlights and draws attention to the face and enhances the features. 


2. Deep side partings

Deep side partings


Bringing it back to the days when sweeping fringes were hotter than hot and almost everyone styled at some stage. Adding volume to the brushed over hair is key here and styling with some dramatic make-up and you are on to a win-win.

3. Cropped cuts

To put it simply these are bold and flattering. Bring the edge, be a showstopper and style it different this Autumn. The chopped style bob will always be a hit. The style itself is low-maintenance and will always have a universal appeal. Why not switch it up?


4. Braided beauties


Inspiring those who wish to go beyond their comfort zone. This takes some time to master, but Rome wasn’t built in a day! Try something fantastical today. 

5. Low ponytails


One of our favourites! A style that can look charismatic, elegant and sophisticated all at once! 

SJ Forbes can help you to achieve your desired looks and results, whether that’s a colour change or even just a low-key style. Our dedicated and advanced hair technician team are here! Book a consultation with us today.


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